Fine Arts Program

Fine Arts Program

The arts provide us with the understanding and sharing of culture. They promote social skills, enhance tests scores, teach respect of others and have the capacity to engage everyone.  We have learned taking music lessons through the music box studio requires the skills of an athlete—discipline; commitment; focus and dedication, which will benefit these children areas of life.  For example, statistics show that those who study music & fine arts excel in all of their studies.  Like athletes, they work better in teams.  And most importantly, they stay in school!

This unique program provides instruments, lessons and camps for children who are recognized for outstanding talent but lack the resources to cultivate their craft.

We recently added a new component to our Fine Arts Program: Seminole County Public Schools Music Education.  This component provides funding to allow students in Title IX schools to pursue their musical dreams.

Fine Arts Program Partners

  • Steinway Society of Central Florida
  • Music Box
  • Wayne Densch Performing Arts Foundation
  • Seminole County Public Schools

Past Program Accomplishments

Here are some highlights of accomplishments since the program’s inception in 2011:

  • Since this program began, it has helped over 65 children improve and develop their talent.
  • Awarded 25 pianos (so far) to selected children.
  • Sent aspiring actors and actresses to the 2014 Wayne Densch performing arts camps.