Who We Are and What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of children and families in our local community who are in crisis.

The crisis some of these children and families have endured can be considered very tragic including diagnosis of cancer, debilitating illness, life threatening situations and even murder/suicide.

What do we do?

Helpful Hands, Inc. is a 100% volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable foundation located in Oviedo, FL serving East Seminole County, East Orange County and East Orlando, FL.  We are a charitable foundation founded in 2009 and officially launched in 2010 by Mrs. Regina Bereswill with a group of local Oviedo Residents.  Our programs provide opportunities for these children to participate in educational, cultural, athletic, and community enrichment activities after critical needs are met by other agencies. We have gone from serving only 100 children and families in 2011 to serving thousands each year. Our charitable foundation provides grant funding to our Community Partners who we strategically identify as having the capacity to provide our quality of life programs to children and families.  The Community Partners we choose are an important part of what we do in achieving our mission.

YOU have helped us increase grant funds to impact more and more children and families in crisis access quality of life programs, right here, in our local community:

  • In 2015 you helped us fund $65,500 in grants impacting 1,400 children and families
  • In 2016 you helped us fund $78,000 in grants impacting 2,300 children and families
  • In 2017 you helped us fund $84,000 in grants impacting 3,800 children and families

Thank you for making our mission a reality!

What makes us unique?

We dedicate 96% of our funding to programs fostering quality of life experiences for children and families in crisis in our local community.  We FULLY FUND all our programs within our capacity and fill a unique need for life skills for children in crisis.  Without our funding, many of these programs and opportunities would not be available.

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Our Programs

Our philosophy is to provide quality of life programs for children and families that promote a positive connection to our community that will foster stability, growth, civic betterment, diversity, and opportunities to enhance their education. Our programs provide vital community links for other needed services to learn life skills after critical needs are met by other agencies. These positive experiences include children participating in educational, cultural, athletic and community enrichment programs funded by Helpful Hands, Inc.

Helpful Hands, Inc. Programs:

Camp Program Image
Milestone Celebrations
Fine Arts
Holiday Adopt-A-Child
Sunshine Dance
Gift of Reading
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Get Involved – Your Support Counts!

All our programs are supported with the assistance of donations. Funding for our programs is made possible with revenues derived from the generosity of our Founding Partners, Board of Directors, Giving Society, Corporate and Individual Donors, and supporters of annual fundraising events who believe in our mission and programs. We count on an army of volunteers to help make our events successful. Our Signature Events are our Annual Golf Tournament in the Spring and our gala event “Evening Under the Stars” in the Fall.  Read about all of our events here, and come see us at one!

Support local. Donate local. Volunteer local.

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